House Brands - Willow Real


Willow Real variants:
Willow Real Orange
made with real orange oil -
Refreshing & balancing
Willow Real Tea Tree
made with real tea tree
oil - Nature’s timeless antiseptic
Willow Real Rose
made with real rose oil -
A gift of uplifting indulgence
Willow Real Lavender
made with real lavender
oil - Healing and calming
Willow Real Avo
made with real avo oil – Nourishing and soothing

Products in these 5 ranges:

Body cream (225g)
Bath oil (240ml)
Foam bath (240ml)
Bath salt (300g)
Glycerine soap (300g)
Lipbalm (20ml)

Descriptions of each product:

Body cream: A rich and moisturizing body lotion that will do the job for dry skin that needs extra quenching. Use after a bath or shower to all parts of the body.

Bath oil: A luxurious cosmetic A grade bath oil formula that will leave the skin soft and silky long after use. Use sparingly in a warm bath.

Foam bath: A superior moisturizing foam bath formula that will add copious bubbles to a much needed bath. Run in warm water and enjoy.

Bath salt: A fragranced blend of pure salt. Add to your bath and enjoy the relaxing effects of this product.

Glycerine soap: A quality large glycerine bar that will cleanse your skin beautifully. After use, place in a dry area for prolonged usage.

Lipbalm: A moisturizing and buttery lipbalm essential for dry & cracked lips. Apply as needed.


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